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Year End Appeal

December, 2017

Dear Friend of the zoo,
Have you seen the graceful Addra gazelles grazing on the savanna here at the zoo? Perhaps you’ve marveled at the tiny, brightly colored Panamanian golden frogs in the Adventure Station. Surely you’ve been captivated by a black and white ruffed lemur peering back at you from its leafy perch. These animals share one thing in common- they are critically endangered and are facing global extinction. They need your help and they need it today!  More than 18,000 animal species in the world today face oblivion- but together, we can do something to change that.

Binder Park Zoo collaborates with other zoos to maintain healthy, diverse genetic populations for 43 different animal species that live right here at the zoo –and we’ve been doing this work since 1991.  Species Survival Plans (SSP) promote long term sustainability and conservation of species in the wild – it’s a plan that could be their only chance for survival.  Binder Park Zoo zookeepers conduct SSP work every single day through research, surveys, tests and reports for the breeding and transfer of these SSP animals. They also provide nutrition, excellent health care, a clean, safe environment and enrichment for every animal in our care.

But rising costs challenge this critical work and Binder Park Zoo is a nonprofit organization that receives NO TAX FUNDING, so we rely on the generosity of friends.  

Your gift will have an immediate impact on not only our SSP animals, but every animal at the zoo. Will you please help us?

Historically, zoos have been places where exotic animals were viewed for pleasure and entertainment alone. Today, accredited zoos like Binder Park Zoo are tasked with the greater purpose of preserving animal species. If we don’t succeed, fascinating creatures like the Panamanian golden frog could become extinct forever.

You have the opportunity to permanently change the future for these animals, for yourself, your children and grandchildren, too.

Our mission is to Connect. Inspire. Conserve. Connect people with nature. Inspire them to conserve. It’s about animals, people and the future generations of both! Please help us with that mission by considering a generous gift today. Your donation is tax deductible and may be matched by your employer, too. Click here to make your donation today. Binder Park Zoo needs YOU so that WE can continue to make a real difference for the natural world for ALL.  Can we count on you for a donation?

The next time you visit Binder Park Zoo and stand in awe of the power and majesty of the African lions, or smile at the funny antics of the southern ground hornbill – you’ll know that your gift made a difference not only right here in southwest Michigan, but around the globe for the future of these amazing animals and the people who love them.
Thank you for your generosity. Your support is deeply appreciated.


Diane Thompson                           Susan Baldwin
President & CEO                           Chair, Board of Directors

P.S. There’s no time to waste…can you give today?

Download letter here.

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