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Schedule a visit from Binder Park Zoo’s Zoomobile to bring fun and educational programs to your classroom, library, senior care center, scout meeting, or any other group that would like to experience the wonders of nature first hand. Each program includes an up close encounter with live animal ambassadors and may be enhanced by amazing animal artifacts!
Program Information:

  • Programs run between 30-50 minutes depending on the age/grade level of participants.
  • The maximum capacity for a single program is 150 participants. 
  • A maximum of three programs may be run per day with the same animal ambassadors.
  • All programs must be inside a secure building with doors and windows that can be closed.
  • No food may be present in the room during the program.
  • Due to the dynamic nature of live animal ambassadors, specific animals cannot be guaranteed for any program.
  • Grade recommendations are based on state and national science standards.  To see how each topic meets standards, click here


  • First Program $200.00                                     
  • Additional Program $150.00 (Same day visit, up to three total programs with no more than 60 minutes between programs)
  • Mileage fees apply for facilities further than 30 miles from Binder Park Zoo

To schedule your Zoomobile, please contact Ally Ross at (269) 979-1351 x154 or

Program Topics:

Keep on Moving
Grade recommendation: Preschool & Kindergarten
Hopping, crawling, climbing, flying, and more!  Young naturalists will become excited about the natural world as they explore how humans and animals move.
Animal Senses
Grade recommendation: Preschool – 1st
Can you see as far as an eagle?  Can you hear as well as a fox?  Meet some live animals with extraordinary senses and learn how humans measure up.
Habitats of the World
Grade recommendation: K – 4th
Take an exciting trip around the world and learn about the many places animals live.  How do rainforests and deserts compare?  What about grasslands and mountains?  With the help of live animal ambassadors everyone will discover the wonders of the world’s diverse habitats.
Life Cycles
Grade recommendation: 1st – 3rd
Hatchlings and larvae and tadpoles, oh my!  This program uses live animals and animal artifacts to illustrate animal life cycles.  Turn back the hands of time and explore the many stages that animals must go through from birth to adulthood.
Animal Adaptations
Grade recommendation: 1st – 5th
No two animals are exactly alike.  But why are they all so different?  With the help of live animal ambassadors everyone will learn how unique adaptations help animals survive in the many places they call home.
Classy Animals
Grade recommendation: 1st – 5th
Feathers, scales, fur, or slime; lay eggs or give live birth; breathe through gills or lungs.  Scientists use these distinct characteristics, and more, to determine how to group animals together.  Using a hands-on activity and live animal ambassadors, this program will demonstrate the similarities and differences of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish.
Circle of Life
Grade recommendation: 3rd – 8th
Food webs help determine who eats who and what.  During this program discover the differences between carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, and decomposer.  Live animal ambassadors will help everyone learn how living things are all connected in one big circle of life.

Let us help you with your curriculum needs! If you would like a program for a topic that is not listed, one can be created for you. Please call (269) 979-1351 x154 to customize your program

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