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Binder Park Zoo’s Zoomobile will be out on the road to bring fun, educational programs to classrooms, libraries, senior care centers, scout meetings or any group that would like to experience the wonders of nature. Each program includes a visit from some of our live animal ambassadors and some amazing Bio-facts; such as furs, skulls or other bones!


  • First Program $200.00                                     
  • Additional Program (same day visit, up to three total programs with no more than 60 minutes between programs) $150.00

Mileage added to program cost:

0-30 Miles                       no mileage
31-50 Miles                     $20.00
51-70 Miles                     $40.00
71-90 Miles                     $60.00
91-110 Miles                   $80.00

(Binder Park Zoo is willing to do Zoomobiles program more than 110 miles away. Please contact us about additional mileage cost.)

  • Programs run between 30-50 minutes depending on the age/grade level of the participants and the program topic chosen.
  • The maximum capacity for a single program is 150 participants. 
  • No more than three zoomobiles may be run in a single day with the same group of animal ambassadors.
  • All Zoomobile programs must be inside a secure building with doors and windows that can be closed.
  • No food may be present in the room during the program.
  • Due to the dynamic nature of our live animal ambassadors, specific animals cannot be guaranteed for a program.

To schedule your Zoomobile Program, please call (269) 979-1351.

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