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Binder Park Zoo is a great place to bring your group for a visit!

  • Groups must consist of at least 15 people
  • An adult chaperone is required for every ten children ages 5 & up (1 adult per 5 children under 5 years old)
  • Fees must be paid in one lump sum at the gate and an admission worksheet must be completed
  • Groups must register online at least two weeks in advance of your chosen date to receive group rate. There will be a late registration fee of $10 for all registrations made less than 2 weeks in advance.

2014 Group Rate Categories

Pre-school Group: (teacher & class ages 4 yrs. and younger) *Groups may have fewer than 10 students but no free instructor will be given.

  • Students (2-4 years) - $5.00
  • Two teachers FREE per class with minimum 15 paid students/class
  • Additional adults - $8.00
  • Additional seniors - $7.00



School Group: (teacher & class K-12) public, private, homeschool *Groups may have fewer than 10 students but no free teacher will be given.

  • Students - $5.00
  • One teacher FREE per class with minimum 15 paid students/class
  • Additional adults - $8.00
  • Additional seniors - $7.00



College Group: (instructor & class) *Groups may have fewer than 10 students but no free instructor will be given.

  • Students - $8.00
  • One instructor FREE with minimum 15 paid students
  • Additional Adults - $8.00



Youth Group Rates: (Chaperone & Scout Groups, Church Youth Groups, Day Camps, Kids Clubs Rec. Departments, Day Cares) *Groups may have fewer than 10 students but no free leader/adult will be given.

  • Students (ages 2-11) - $5.00
  • One leader FREE
  • Additional adults - $8.00
  • Additional seniors - $7.00



Organized Group: 15 or more people that visit the Zoo as an organized group (arrive and enter the zoo at the same time). This includes, but is not limited to, birthday parties, family reunions, bus tours, corporate or business gatherings, and church groups, or large families wishing to visit the Zoo. For groups larger than 100 people, contact (269) 979-1351.

  • Children (ages 2-10) - $9
  • Adults (ages 11-64) - $11
  • Seniors (ages 65+) - $10



Schools on Safari

To add that personal touch to your next visit to Binder Park Zoo, why not sign your class up for a Schools on Safari program?

The cost is only $50.00 per class, per program. Class size is limited to 40 participants (this includes both children and adults). Programs are 30 minutes long which means they won’t take too much time away from your zoo visit.

This is your chance to see some interesting animals that are NOT on exhibit at the zoo. The programs are not only fun, but also educational.

Programs must be scheduled in advance, and are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. To schedule a program, please call (269)979-1351.

Schools on Safari Programs:

African Habitats – 30 minute program for grades K-2
Africa is a vast continent that is home to many unique animals. Students will learn about three habitats and get a chance to meet the animals that call those habitats home.

African Circle of Life/Food Chain – 30 minute program for grades 3-6
All living things depend on each other to survive. Students will learn how plants and animals interact in the great circle of life while meeting a few live animals.

Animal Adaptations – 30 minute program for all grade levels
Learn about animals from around the world and what unique adaptations they have to survive in the wild. Students will get to see animal adaptations up close while they see live animals.

Suitcase for Survival – 30 minute program for grades 7-12
Students will learn about conservation laws, international wildlife trade and get the opportunity to see actual products confiscated from people who violated laws intended to protect vanishing species.

Let us help you with your curriculum needs! If you would like a program for a topic that is not listed, one can be created for you. Please call (269) 979-1351 at least two weeks in advance to speak with one of our educators.

Due to the popularity of our programs, we may not be able to accommodate your group if you arrive late. Please make every effort to call the Zoo at (269)979-1351 if you will be arriving late for your program. We will do our best to accommodate late arrivals, but we reserve the right to cancel or adjust program length depending on the availability of staff.

Cancellations of your visit due to weather or road conditions are your decision. Please call us as soon as possible to let us know of any cancellations and we will try to reschedule.



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