Reptile Weekend Aug 1 -2

It’s REPTILE WEEKEND - SCALED BACK!  Visit the zoo on Saturday, August 1, 9-6 and Sunday, August 2, 11-6 for an abbreviated version of this popular event to catch a glimpse of some of Binder Park Zoo’s very own fascinating reptiles on exhibit - for two days only! General admission rates apply.

Reptile Weekend will look a little different this year. The zoo typically hosts guest vendors who bring a fascinating collection of reptiles, amphibians and other unusual animal species to the zoo allowing for up-close encounters. With the current social distance guidelines in place, the zoo will be presenting a “scaled back” version of Reptile Weekend – pun intended! A number of the zoo’s very own resident reptiles will be on special exhibit for visitors to see in spaces throughout the zoo. Guests can scan a posted QR code with their smartphone for take a self-guided tour to see these super cool animal species!


Reptiles from the Adventure Station of the Binda Conservation Discovery Center, as well as special animal ambassadors will be on display: ten animals in four temporary exhibit locations inside the zoo.  Due to safety measures that cancelled most zoo education programs and prevent the Adventure Station from opening these animals have been off exhibit to the public since the zoo opened in May. Among them are a rhinoceros iguana named Phish Styx, Sheila the blue-tongued skink, a black-headed monitor and Lawan - an impressive 18 foot long reticulated python.  Guests should plan a visit to see Al, an Aldabra giant tortoise at his exhibit in Wild Africa, too. Reptile Weekend is an annual two-day event for all ages designed to replace the myths and fears that people sometimes have about snakes and lizards, with understanding and respect for a most intriguing group of animals that play critical roles in our environment.

Binder Park Zoo takes pride in being a conservation minded organization and we would like to invite you to “Think Green” when visiting and participating in any events!  

Binder Park Zoo is located 3 miles south of I-94 exit 100


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US 33 N to I-80 E to US 131 N to I-94 E to exit 100

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