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Male #10 – “Apple-core” (squirmy)


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Our eleven African painted dog pups are in need of names.  Here is a rare chance for you to name one of the Binder Park Zoo pack.  That’s right – a donation of $1000 earns you the right to bestow a moniker on one of these four- footed, satellite-eared, tail-wagging wild little canines. Need some inspiration?  Honor your favorite person or a beloved pet, an admired historical figure or pop culture icon. Name one after your business, team mascot or a product you make… the list can go on forever!  But hurry, this opportunity is limited and first come, first serve – there are only eleven!

For the naming opportunity, you’ll receive:

  1. Name of choice*
  2. Color photo of pup
  3. “Animal art” – actual puppy paw print
  4. Plush painted dog with engraved name tag
  5. Special Invitation for you and your guest to “meet” the pack at a special morning event and see them receive a deer carcass portion. Trust us, this is something to see! Date TBD.
  6. Recognition at the exhibit during the 2019 season.

* (requires final approval by zoo staff)

On average, each pup currently tips the scales at around 24 pounds each and they collectively consume nearly 30 pounds of a special carnivore diet per day – now, there’s a grocery bill!  Add the cost of their healthcare, vaccinations, microchipping and things like bedding straw and enrichment toys, and it’s clear your donation will make a positive impact. But more than that, you will be supporting an important conservation initiative and playing a role in the future of the African painted dog.

African painted dogs each have unique markings and color patterns.  As the pups grow, these markings become more identifiable. These, along with the personality traits that were noted at their first exam, are how the keepers can tell the pups apart. That is, if they hold still long enough!


Need a little time on the name?

As long as we have your payment today, you can have up to 5 days to provide your selected name.

purchases are non-refundable.

This is a fundraiser that provides a naming opportunity but no legal ownership of zoo animals.

Your donation may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor for details.