Birthday Parties

Check back soon for new information about Birthday Parties for the 2022 season.  

Binder Park Zoo takes pride in being a conservation minded organization and we would like to invite you to “Think Green” when planning your upcoming Birthday Party event!  Here are some ways you can make a big impact by choosing to provide items that are environmentally conscience!


Reduce plastic waste by offering reusable cups as a party favor that your guests can use at the party and take home with them after.  We currently have water refill stations available in birthday party areas.


Purchase items in recycled paper packaging instead of plastic, such as; the cake, cutlery, decorations, table covers, paper plates and cups.  Paper eventually breaks down in the environment, whereas plastic never will, every single piece of plastic ever made still exists somewhere!


Be a smart consumer, serve food and beverages that contain sustainable ingredients and do not contribute to habitat loss.  Palm oil production has resulted in the decline of many endangered species of plants and animals.  Control the ingredients offered at your party by baking the cake at home, especially if there are any allergies to consider.


Skip the single use items like decorations, table covers, cutlery and food containers.  Have fun making your own decorations and table covers out of materials you already have at home.  Use tableware and food containers that you can wash and reuse later.


In lieu of presents you can ask your guests to purchase an “Animal Adopt” or make a donation to help our animals here at the zoo, the certificate and stuffed animal that accompanies the adoption can be presented at the party to the birthday boy/girl.  This is a great way to show your support of the zoo and inspire others too!