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Guided Tours

Have you ever wanted to get the inside scoop on Binder Park Zoo? Look no further!

Explore the zoo’s most popular areas with a knowledgeable guide. This unique walking tour experience provides in-depth information about the animals, exhibits, and history of the Zoo.


If you have questions about Guided Tours, contact Ally Ross, aross@binderparkzoo.org or call (269) 979-1351


Program Information



$5.00 per person. Price does not include zoo admission.

Maximum Participants: 30

Tours have a minimum of 6 participants or a minimum fee of $30.



Tour Areas

Main/East Zoo – 60 minutes

Discover the often overlooked wonders of the heart of Binder Park Zoo.  Learn fun facts and little-known details about the wide variety of animals that call this section of the zoo home.  Tour stops include, but are not limited to: snow leopard, black bear, lemur, and wolves.

Wild Africa – 90 minutes

Take a walk on the wild side and explore Binder Park Zoo’s award winning Wild Africa exhibit.  Discuss the ins and outs of this 50 acre zoo expansion and the amazing African animals that inhabit it.  Tour stops include, but are not limited to: the savannah (giraffe, antelope, zebra etc.), colobus and mangabey monkeys, Aldabra tortoise, African lion and painted dogs, and red river hogs.

*Note: tours do not include behind-the-scenes access.

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