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Preschool Playgroup

Looking to engage your littlest learners?

Look no further than Binder Park Zoo’s playgroup for preschoolers! Each 90 minute playgroup includes animal encounters and opportunities for nature-based and imaginative play. There's no place like the zoo for your group of little naturalists to learn, play, and explore together!


Preschool Playgroups are available for any organized group with Preschool aged children; Mom’s or Dad’s groups, Head-Start, Daycare or Preschool classes. 

 If you have questions, please contact
Amy Wesner  awesner@binderparkzoo.org, (269) 979-1351 


Animal Babies

Everyone loves cute baby animals. We’ll discover what you call all sorts of baby animals around the world, all while exploring some very important differences between wild and domestic, because in the animal kingdom cute doesn’t always mean cuddly! 

Animal Play Day

Come see what the animals like to do for fun!  We all love to play and zoo animals are given something special to do each and every day.  It’s called enrichment and you can make some too so we can enrich a very playful animal here at the zoo!

Fur, Feathers, or Scales

How are birds different than reptiles? How are reptiles different than mammals? Young Scientists will begin understanding how animals are split into classes as we explore the basic differences between mammals, birds and reptiles.

Globe Trotters

Get ready to circle the globe in search of amazing animals surviving in different climates! We’ll travel from the Amazon Rainforest in South America to the Outback of Australia and end right here in Michigan; every stop along the way is a new adventure!

Hide and Seek

Cover your eyes and count to ten; we’re looking for animals that like to blend in! Join us for our very own game of animal hide and seek as we meet animals all over the zoo with amazing adaptations. We’ll also take a walk in the zoo to see if anyone is hiding there too!

Life on the Beach

The beach can be a magical place with plenty of fun things to do, but remember lots of animals live there too. We’ll play fun and games, meet animals, and so much more as we learn how to keep our beaches clean from shore to shore!

Perfect Pairs

Sometimes it’s just meant to be!  We’ll discover some of the most unexpected animal friendships and learn about teamwork. Some of our own zoo animal pairs can help us understand just what makes opposites attract in the animal kingdom.

Sense of Wonder

Did you know a tortoise can feel through its hard shell?  Or that a snake uses its tongue to smell? We’ll explore the different ways animals can sense the world around them and we’ll take a hike to test out as many of our senses as possible to better explore the zoo environment.

Program Price

$5 per person over 2 years old 

FREE for children under 2

1 FREE adult per 10 children

A minimum of 10 participants (or equivalent payment) is required. Each program is limited to 40 people. If your group contains more than 40 people, multiple programs can be scheduled. 

$50 deposit is due at registration.