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Safari Day Camps

Experience a WILDLY fun summer at Binder Park Zoo!

Safari Day Camps provide your child with fun-filled adventures like no where else. Campers entering 1st through 7th grades will explore the zoo unlike any other visitors as they hike, learn, create, and play their way through the summer! 

Each week of camp includes opportunities to participate in a variety of animal-themed games and activities, create crafts and enrichment projects, get up-close and personal with live animals, chat with the experts during keeper talks and behind-the-scenes experiences, and explore and play in the natural wilderness that surrounds the zoo.   

*Specific activities may vary depending on the topic of the week and age group

Please e-mail Amy Wesner at awesner@binderparkzoo.org with questions!

Animal Artists

Animal Artists

Art can be found everywhere in nature and animals themselves can be amazing artists, from leaving foot print trails to designing and building complex habitats. This week campers will meet some talented zoo animals, travel all over the zoo in search of natural art, and have a chance to try out their own skills in our version of a summer camp art class!    

August 12 - 16                9:00-4:00                    Grades 1 – 3               $220 (Zoo members $200)

August 5 - 9                    9:00-4:00                    Grades 4 – 7               $220 (Zoo members $200)

Batteries Not Included

Batteries Not Included

This week we’ll help you learn new skills that may come in handy while spending time outdoors. Let’s unplug from our devices and use nature as our guide. Campers will experience animal encounters, zoo tours, and a fun filled week of exploring our hiking trails to practice reading maps, using compasses, building a sun dial, and more. Because sometimes batteries just aren’t included! 

June 24 – 28                          9:00-4:00                    Grades 1 – 3               $220 (Zoo members $200)

July 29 – August 2                9:00-4:00                    Grades 4 – 7               $220 (Zoo members $200)

Carnivore Chronicles

Carnivore Chronicles

Come discover a week in the life of a meat eater at Binder Park Zoo. Campers will be on the hunt for carnivorous amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. They’ll have a chance to meet some of these animals up close and hear from zoo staff about the basic care, feeding, and enrichment routines for some of our resident carnivores. **No feeding or contact with dangerous predators will be observed in this camp.

August 5 – 9             9:00-4:00                    Grades 1 – 3               $220 (Zoo members $200)

July 8 – 12                9:00-4:00                    Grades 4 – 7               $220 (Zoo members $200)

Eco Explorers

Eco Explorers

Get ready for adventure as we circle the globe in search of amazing animals in their environments. This week campers will learn about ecosystems and why they are important as they explore the zoo to meet animals, play games, get dirty, and have fun. Become an Eco Explorer and you’ll learn how to make eco-friendly choices that benefit conservation around the world!

July 8 – 12                 9:00-4:00                    Grades 1 – 3               $220 (Zoo members $200) 

July 22 – 26               9:00-4:00                    Grades 4 – 7               $220 (Zoo members $200) 


Forest Guides

Forest Guides

Grab your supplies; we’re going on a hike! Discover what it takes to be a trained trail guide this week when we explore some of the biggest forests in the world. We’ll teach campers how to pack appropriately, identify animals, and practice safety exercises. But most importantly they will learn the value of protecting our forests and the animals that live in them. Let’s hit the trails for an adventure you won’t want to miss.

June 17 – 21             9:00-4:00                    Grades 1 – 3               $220 (Zoo members $200)

July  15 – 19             9:00-4:00                    Grades 4 – 7               $220 (Zoo members $200)

Take Action Trivia

Take Action Trivia

If you love learning interesting animal facts then this is the camp for you! Campers can put their knowledge to the test as they play and create trivia games about helping endangered animals. Along the way we’ll meet a few zoo residents, have a lot of fun, and most importantly, learn how we can take action to benefit wildlife conservation.

July 29 – August 2                9:00-4:00                    Grades 1 – 3               $220 (Zoo members $200) 

August 12 - 16                      9:00-4:00                    Grades 4 – 7               $220 (Zoo members $200) 

Wilderness Fitness

 Wilderness Fitness

Grab your hiking shoes and join us for a week in the great wide open. Campers will spend lots of time outdoors in a natural setting as we explore Binder Park Zoo’s hiking trails. There will be animal encounters and zoo tours, team activities, fun games, and daily exercises to promote animal conservation and health and fitness.   

July 15 – 19                9:00-4:00                    Grades 1 – 3               $220 (Zoo members $200) 

June 24 – 28               9:00-4:00                    Grades 4 – 7               $220 (Zoo members $200) 

Zoo Challenge

Zoo Challenge

Animals have the ability to survive in many challenging habitats around the world. This week campers will participate in team based activities to test their abilities in shelter construction, resource gathering, and other survival skills. Get ready to encounter an animal or two, make some new friends, and see if you’ve got what it takes to complete the zoo challenge.

July 22 – 26                  9:00-4:00                    Grades 1 – 3               $220 (Zoo members $200) 

June 17 – 21                9:00-4:00                    Grades 4 – 7               $220 (Zoo members $200) 

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6 weeks $175 per week $1,050 6 weeks $195 per week


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$170 per week

$1,190 7 weeks $190 per week


8 weeks $165 per week $1,320 8 weeks $185 per week



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