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Wild Encounters

Boost the educational value of your zoo visit when you add a Wild Encounter to your day. Groups can enjoy a meet-and-greet with some of our Animal Ambassadors, participate in educational activities, and discover what each of us can do to help wildlife and wild places in our backyards and around the world! Choose from available topics or contact us to customize a program to fit your curriculum or scout badge needs.


$50 per program for a 20-30 minute encounter with live animals for up to 40 people.


*Requests must be made at least two weeks prior to your desired program date*

 If you have questions about our Wild Encounters program, contact Ally Ross,  aross@binderparkzoo.org or call (269) 979-1351

Program Topics

Animal Story Time

Gather round for an exciting reading of a book about animals. Afterward, the story will come to life as Wild Encounters Staff present live animals from the story.

Habitats are Homes

Animals from across the world will be shown so that guests can discover all the interesting places animals make habitats in the wild. From mountains and valleys to swamps and deserts, animals can make anywhere home.

Amazing Adaptations

This program brings in a variety of animals with fascinating adaptations which allow them to live more efficiently in their habitats. Let your group see first-hand how animals are specialized to live where humans never could.

Circle of Life

From the smallest blade of grass to the strongest predator, all life is necessary to keep the world’s ecosystem in balance. Using live animals, your group will learn how all these animals fit together in the global food web.

Animals in Danger

Poaching, illegal wildlife trade, and vanishing species can be hard topics to discuss. Let the Zoo help bring these issues to life with not only live animal ambassadors, but real illegal wildlife items from various endangered species around the world.

Have another topic in mind? Contact us! We’d be happy to help customize a program to fit your curriculum or scout badge needs.