Interested in going to the beach? Join Binder Park Zoo and help clean South Haven’s North Beach! Each year, Adopt-a-Beach volunteers make a huge difference for the health of the Great Lakes. Caring for a local stretch of the Great Lakes shoreline is a great way to get outdoors with friends, family, neighbors and coworkers and give back to the lakes that give us so much. Throughout the summer, Binder Park Zoo will head out to the beach and do our part for conservation.

What to expect:
Volunteers of groups of two to four people will work together to pick up and document litter on the beach. After the beach is cleaned up, all the items will be added up and weighed. Trash will then be thrown away while recyclable items will be recycled. Along with data from beaches from all the different coasts of the Great Lakes, the site’s documented beach clean up data is tallied and sent to Alliance for the Great Lakes. The data is collected and used in research on the pollution around the Great Lakes.

Volunteers should wear proper attire suitable for walking on the beach. We suggest these additional items:
• Beach shoes/flip flops
• Sunscreen
• Hat/Sunglasses
• Raincoat (depending on weather)
• Gloves
Binder Park Zoo provides:
• Disposable gloves
• Trash Bags
• Writing Utensils
Interested in volunteering?
Learn more about Adopt-A-Beach here:

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