Conservation Projects

Connect. Inspire. Conserve.

In addition to providing an entertaining and educational experience for our visitors, Binder Park Zoo plays a critical role in wildlife conservation, at home and around the world. Zoos contribute to conservation in four primary ways: research, education, preservation of genetic diversity, and direct support of wild populations and their habitat.

Adopt A Beach

Volunteers of all kinds are welcome to help Binder Park Zoo "Adopt a Beach" on Lake Michigan. For more than 25 years our Adopt-a-Beach program has worked to keep Great Lakes shorelines healthy, safe, and beautiful. The program is largest of its kind in the region. Adopt-a-Beach touches all five Great Lakes with volunteers from all eight Great Lakes states. Learn more and join us conserve our state's most iconic resource!

Piping Plover

Binder Park Zoo participates in the Piping Plover Captive Rearing Program. Dedicated staff travel to the captive-rearing center in Pellston, MI to help hand-raise abandoned plover chicks so that they can be released into the wild. Learn more here.

Michigan Butterfly Network

Volunteers of the Michigan Butterfly Network learn about local butterflies and become citizen scientists. With their newly acquired skills, they help assess the changing population status of our state’s butterfly species, evaluate the quality of Michigan ecosystems, and engage the Michigan public in significant research. 


Learn more about how we are participating in saving and maintaining rare animal species.