Name the New Prairie Dog Colony at Binder Park Zoo!

Our new colony of Prairie Dogs is here and we're inviting you to play a crucial role in their story! For a donation of $500, you can bestow an "honorary name" upon a male or female prairie dog of your choice.

We are excited to share that all the prairie dogs have been named, thanks to your support.

Your contributions have truly made a lasting impact on our zoo community and our furry friends are thrilled with their new names!

Not dogs at all; prairie dogs are actually herbivorous burrowing rodents that belong to the squirrel family, native to the grasslands of North America. They are named for their habitat and warning call, which can sound like a dog's bark.

In the wild, black-tailed prairie dogs are a keystone species - one that many other species, both plant and animal, depend upon for survival. Keystone species are incredibly important to their ecosystems, and if removed, the ecosystem itself may collapse. Prairie dogs do this by being prey, making homes for other animals, clipping vegetation, and much more.

The Binder Park Zoo prairie dogs represent their counterparts in the wild and remind us that everyone can help save keystone species everywhere, including right here in Michigan, by not encroaching upon wildlife in their natural habitats.

Naming Donors will Receive:

Name Certificate

Donors will receive an exclusive Name Certificate

Personalized Plush Prairie Dog

Winning never felt so cozy! Wrap your arms around your personalized prairie dog plushie and let the cuddles begin

Animal Fact Sheet

Learn and reference all the fun and interesting facts about your new Prairie Dog Pal

An Invitation to an Exclusive "Naming Ceremony"

Donors will receive an invitation to a special naming ceremony and prairie dog enrichment event (date to be determined)

Donors & Named Prairie Dog Exhibit Recognition

Donors and their named Prairie Dog will be recognized as Founders of the Binder Park Zoo Prairie Dog Town at the exhibit with signage in 2024

Endlessly fascinating to observe, these pint-sized pipsqueaks have long been a zoo favorite providing entertainment to generations of guests. Join the fun and become a Founder of one of the most popular exhibits at the zoo! Name one after someone special in your life, a beloved pet, sports hero, pop icon, or choose a name that promotes your organization, company or club! This opportunity will be offered on a limited, first come-first-serve basis so don't miss out - there are only 18 prairie dogs waiting for their name!

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