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Visitor Information

Binder Park Zoo is now OPEN! M-F 9-5/Sat 9-6/Sun 11-6


Contact us at info@binderparkzoo.org or 269-979-1351.


Animal welfare is a top priority at Binder Park Zoo. Please be aware that some animals like giraffe, require temperatures to be at least 55 degrees and sunny to be on exhibit. Other factors like rain and wind may also delay or prevent them from going on exhibit. Check for updates by calling the zoo office at 269 979-1351 between 10:00am-4:00pm. If call volume is high you may need to leave a message. Your call will be returned as soon as possible. Please understand that animals on or off exhibit can change as quickly as the weather!

General Zoo Admission Rates

Binder Park Zoo Members:
 FREE (Must show ID)  |   Military: 50% discount with ID   |  AAA Member: 10% discount with ID



Seniors 65+


Children 2yrs -10yrs


Children under the age of 2 are admitted


We do not accept coupons from outside organizations, including Groupon.

Wilderness Tram


The adventure begins at the International Depot as you board the zebra-striped tram. Destination - Wild Africa! Enjoy an immersive experience wandering through Zuri National Park with views of the savanna and wild African animals. No passport required for your return trip. (Free)

Binda Conservation Carousel 

temporarily suspended


Reminiscent of the golden age of carousels, this one-of-a-kind wooden carousel was custom made for the zoo and features a menagerie of 36 colorful, hand-carved animal figures. Themed murals, crests, lighting and music weave together to create a stunning whirl of animals that delight riders of all ages. ($3)


Z.O. & O. Railroad 

temporarily suspended


All aboard the Z.O. & O.! Ride an open car pulled by a miniature locomotive through a scenic 1.5 mile nature loop. The vintage 1963 CP Huntington train is a pride and joy of the zoo and guest favorite. ($3)

Dining & Shopping


Beulah’s Restaurant in the East Zoo will be temporarily closed.

Kalahari Kitchen  is now OPEN DAILY in Wild Africa.


Safari Gift Shop is located at the zoo exit and is where you’ll find unique, affordable gifts and apparel for everyone.

Zawadi Traders is now open, come check out all the new & wild gifts!


Restrooms are available for use inside Binder Park Zoo.


Giraffe Experience at Twiga Overlook

The opportunity to meet and hand-feed the giraffes in Wild Africa is a signature experience at Binder Park Zoo.

From the overlook deck, guests can meet these gentle giants face to face and option the thrill of hand-feeding snacks of lettuce to them.

Feed the giraffe experience – one lettuce snack*= $2, five lettuce snacks = $8*

* a lettuce snack is a single romaine lettuce serving that has been specially prepared by Animal Care commissary staff.  Any other food is strictly prohibited.

Reclassified as a “vulnerable” species by the IUCN in 2016, giraffe have also been added to the SAFE (Saving Animals From Extinction) list by the Association of Zoo & Aquariums (AZA) to draw attention to their precarious situation in the wild. Proceeds from this experience help fund the care of the Binder Park Zoo giraffe herd.


Wagon, wheelchair and electric scooter rental - available at zoo entrance.

SUV Wagon (seats two children) - $7.00

Manual wheelchair (small, medium & large available) - $6.00

Electric scooter - $25.00 plus $25.00 deposit - Scooters available on a first come, first serve basis. Scooters can be reserved in advance by calling (269) 979-1351 (deposit required). Scooters can accommodate up to 350 lbs and 500 lbs.


Guest Policy sign

Mobility Device Policy

Wheelchairs and other devices designed for persons with a mobility impairment (electric powered or manual) are permitted inside the park.

Devices other than a wheelchair or powerchair/scooter, if used for a mobility impairment only, may be allowed into the park upon final approval of zoo personnel. The following devices will not be permitted: unicycles, bicycles, golf carts, gas powered vehicles of any kind, including ATV’s, lawn mowers, go-carts, etc.

There is a maximum speed limit for all mobility devices of 5 miles per hour inside the park. For the safety of our guests, anyone who does not comply with the speed limit or is operating the device unsafely will be asked to leave the zoo.

Any wheelchair or scooter wider than 29 ½ inches will not be able to board the trams to Africa, the carousel, or the ZO&O Railroad. Ramps for all rides have a 600 lb maximum capacity.