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Bring the zoo to you with Binder Park Zoo’s Zoomobile! New programming choices give you the chance to pick the perfect addition to your classroom lesson or event! These fun and educational programs can bring live animal ambassadors to your classroom, library, senior care center, scout meeting, or any group that would like to experience the wonders of nature first hand.

 If you have questions about Zoomobile programs please contact Ally Ross, aross@binderparkzoo.org, or call (269) 979-1351 

Zoomobile programs run between 45-60 minutes and may vary depending on the age/grade level of participants.

The maximum capacity for a single program is 150 participants.

A maximum of three programs may be run per day with the same animal ambassadors.

All programs must be inside a secure building with doors and windows that can be closed.

No food may be present in the room during the program.

Due to the dynamic nature of live animal ambassadors, specific animals cannot be guaranteed for any program.

Zoomobile Programs cannot travel to private residences.

 First Program $200.00

Additional Program $150.00

Same day visit, up to three total programs with no more than 60 minutes between programs

Mileage fees apply for facilities further than 20 miles from Binder Park Zoo

Program fees are due the day of your Zoomobile visit

20-40 miles: $30

41-60 miles: $50

61-80 miles: $70

81-100 miles: $90

In-School Programs

Whether it’s a single classroom or large assembly, Zoomobile programs will engage students and leave them wondering more about nature than ever before! These programs last approximately one hour and can help meet Next Generation Science Standard Benchmarks.


Have the Zoomobile visit your preschool or daycare to add an exciting and educational burst of fun into your day. Students will learn about our live animal ambassadors and get a touch opportunity with certain species. Great for family fun nights or open houses as well!

Senior Centers & Assisted Living

Zoomobile programs aren’t just for kids! Have the Zoo bring animal ambassadors to your facility and brighten the day of residents or visitors with fun information and even touch opportunities with certain animals.

General Presentation

Want to have the Zoomobile stop by, but don’t see a program for you? No problem! This one-hour general program can be molded for any group or facility that wants a fun, educational visit from some of the Zoo’s live animal ambassadors.

Fair and Festivals (Booth Style)

A visit from our animal ambassadors is a great way to enhance any event. The Zoomobile will bring live animal ambassadors, plus a table display of animal artifacts for up to three hours to your event. This casual meet and greet style is always a hit with visitors!

Program Topics

Seasonal Programs

Winter- Discover all the interesting and varied ways animals survive the cold weather. With the help of animal artifacts, see what special adaptations and behaviors animals have developed to outlast the winter.

Spring- When spring is in the air, animals are mating and having young. This seasonal topic is a great way to melt away the winter blues. Discover how animals protect and raise their young in the harsh wilds and why spring is the ideal season for rearing young. 

Fall- Colors abound as trees and seasons change! Learn that leaves aren’t the only nature change when fall arrives; certain animals change too. Let the Zoomobile come share the beauty of autumnal nature with your group.

All Ages

Livin’ in the Mitten- Nothing compares to the simple nature of Michigan backyards. This Zoomobile program will highlight what makes Michigan outdoors such an interesting and beautiful place by bringing native Michigan animals and animal artifacts!

Animals in Danger- Poaching, illegal wildlife trade, and vanishing species can be hard topics to conceptualize in a classroom. Let the Zoomobile help bring these issues to life with not only live animal ambassadors, but real illegal wildlife items from various endangered species around the world.

Preschool and Daycare Programs

Animal Story Time – Calling all young readers! Gather round for an exciting reading of a book about animals. Afterward, the story will come to life as the Zoomobile presents live animals from the story.  A wide variety of book choices are available and requests are welcome!

Fur, Feathers, Slime, and Scales – With so many animals scattered across the Earth, scientists have a great challenge in organizing them. This program starts young children off with the basics of animal taxonomy by sharing what makes animals different from one another. Students will get to see live animals from different groups to bring classification to life.

School Programs

Kindergarten -2nd Grade:

Five to Survive- All living things needs five basic resources to stay alive. Have the Zoomobile bring in live animal ambassadors to help show exactly what they need to survive and how they get it in the wild. 

Growing Up Wild- Being an animal parent is a tough job and this Zoomobile program showcases all the difficulties of raising young animals in the wild. This topic will explore the fun and exciting ways animal young learn to hunt, forage, survive, and thrive in nature.

Habitats are Homes- Animals from across the world will arrive in your school so that students can discover all the interesting places animals make habitats in the wild. From mountains and valleys to swamps and deserts, animals can make anywhere home.

3rd-5th Grade:

Survival by Life Cycle- Egg, larvae, and metamorphosis, oh my! Students of all ages will be enthusiastic about lifecycles after meeting live animals that go through metamorphosis in order to grow and reach adulthood.

Amazing Adaptations- This Zoomobile program brings in a wide variety of animals with fascinating adaptations which allow them to live more efficiently in their native habitats. Let students see first-hand how different animals are specialized to live where humans never could.

Circle of Life-From the smallest blade of grass to the strongest predator, all life is necessary to keep the world’s ecosystem in balance. Using live animals, students will learn how all these animals fit together in the global food web.

Middle School:

Population Party- Only so many animals can fit in certain habitat. Make carrying capacity exciting with live animals and exciting information about why learning these ecosystem rules are so important.

Mating Game- Across the globe, animals find mates in unique and confusing ways. Students will stay fascinated as they explore all of these different methods and why animals display specific behaviors when courting a mate.