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Membership Update

To our valued members: we want to thank you for your support and reaffirm our commitment to you. We want all of our members to experience the full value of their membership and it is our intention to extend your membership expiration date commensurate with the number of weeks the zoo extends its opening date. This will come at no cost to you and requires no action on your part. We invite you to check our website regularly and follow our social media channels for updates.

Thank you for your support and commitment to the zoo and our mission: Connect. Inspire. Conserve. Connect people with nature. Inspire them to conserve.

Member Benefits

By becoming a zoo member, you will receive unlimited admission to the zoo for an entire season! You can visit as often as you wish, stay for a few hours or the whole day! Summer fun has never sounded so good! A Binder Park Zoo membership also makes an excellent gift for friends and family.


Admission to Binder Park Zoo for an entire season (excludes Zoolights

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Admission to over 150 American zoos and aquariums all over the country. 


Special Member pricing on Day Camps, various Binder Park Zoo programs, and other seasonal coupons. 

You will also receive a discount coupon for Viagra or other medicines.

How long is my membership good?

Memberships are good for a full 12 months from date of purchase.

Who can I contact with Membership questions?

Call Binder Park Zoo Membership Services at 269-979-1351 or contact us via email at info@binderparkzoo.org

How soon will I get my memberships card?

Your membership card will take 2-3 weeks to arrive. If you purchased your membership at the admission booth, you will receive your membership card on upon completion of the transaction.

How many cards are included with my membership?

One card and two key fobs are issued with each new membership. You’ll present one card/fob at admissions with I.D. for both members to enter.

If I forget to bring my membership card, can I still visit the zoo?

Yes! Bring your photo I.D. to the admissions booth to verify your membership for entry.

Why do I have to show my photo I.D. when I use my membership to visit the zoo?

Your membership is valuable and to keep your membership from abuse, we require the named members to present a photo I.D upon entering the zoo so we can protect your investment.

How do I update/change my membership information?

Call Binder Park Zoo Membership Services at 269-979-1351 or contact us via email at info@binderparkzoo.org.

Do you offer corporate memberships?

No, but if your company is looking for sponsorship opportunities, visit our Sponsorship Page

I paid for admission to the zoo; can I apply the cost towards a membership?

Yes, you can, please keep your receipt. Admission cost can be applied to a membership on the same day of visit. We will apply the cost of admission tickets to a membership, up to the number of people that will be covered by the membership. Please visit the admission booth or administration office to apply your admission to a membership.

If I join online, can I use my membership when I visit the zoo today?

A: Yes.

If this is a new membership, a receipt will be emailed to you and can be used as a temporary card until you receive your new card in the mail.

If this is a renewal, a receipt will be emailed to you and can be used for temporary admission. Once your membership is updated, your membership card will be renewed.

May I use membership for or ZooLights?

No, special events such as ZooLights are fundraisers for the zoo.

Who can use my membership?

The named adults on the card, who live at the same address, may use the membership. If it is a family or grandparent membership, it also covers their own children/grandchildren 18 and under, as indicated on the membership. Adults must present membership card and I.D. at the admissions booth.

My membership has a Bring-A-Guest. Can my guest use my membership without me?

Bring-A-Guest does not allow a non-member to come without the members named on the card.

Can someone else use my membership card?

Memberships are non-transferable.

How do I replace my lost or stolen membership card?

A replacement card can be purchased in the zoo office or at the admissions booth for $5.

You may order by credit card at 269-979-1351. You will receive your replacement card within 2-3 weeks via mail. You may still visit the zoo using your photo I.D. at the admissions booth.


Can I use my Binder Park Zoo membership to visit other zoos?

Yes, Binder Park Zoo offers an online Travel Card you can use for discounted admission to over 150 American Zoos and Aquariums. Visit binderparkzoo.org/travelcard to print or view your Binder Park Zoo Travel Card. You will need your membership number and zip code to access your travel card. Please contact us at 269-979-1351 if you need your membership number.

Do Binder Park Zoo members get a discount at the gift shop or restaurants?

Yes. Binder Park Zoo members receive 10% off in the gift shop and restaurant.


What memberships can I add a Bring-A-Guest or Caregiver to?

Bring-A-Guest can be added to all membership levels.

Caregiver can be added to Family and Grandparent memberships.

What is the difference between a Bring-A-Guest and a Caregiver?

Bring-A-Guest is an addition to your membership. It allows the named adult(s) on the membership to bring one extra person, adult or child, each time they visit the zoo.

Caregiver is an addition to your membership. Valid for one named adult when accompanied by your dependent(s) living at the same address.

Can a caregiver bring a guest?

No. The Caregiver covers the one named adult and the children the membership is associated with.

What if my caregiver changes during my membership?

Caregiver is non-transferable.

I was unable to find the answer(s) I needed. Where can I find further information?

Call Binder Park Zoo Membership Services at 269-979-1351 or contact us via email at info@binderparkzoo.org.

Orders are typically processed in 10-14 days from order date and sent by mail. Due to the high volume of orders April through June, orders may take up to 21 days to process.

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